That Improve Your Sex Life

Nowadays, men have become more dependent on medications for sexual performance problems. To a lot of guys, Viagra and similar drugs are the cure all to problems in the bed play department. But little do men know that they are downplaying the most convenient way to improve their sexual health and performance  food and eating.

Libido boosters
Foods rich in Zinc can work as libido-enhancers. How so? They aid in testosterone production. The higher a man’s testosterone level is, the more his sexual desire blazes. More than being a libido booster, Zinc is also said to be helpful in preventing prostate cancer.

If you rank Zinc-rich foods, oyster would take the throne. Oysters are also said to be an aphrodisiac. The recommended dietary allowance for Zinc is 15mg a day, roughly about 6 oysters.

For healthier sperm
Recent studies are showing that folate (a B-vitamin essential for cell production) is good for sperm cells. Experts have noted that men with low folate tend to have sperm that have missing or extra chromosomes. As opposed to men with high folate level who produce healthier sperm.

If you’re looking for foods that can keep your swimmers in tip-top shape, you may want to go with green. Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and beans can be quite a folate mine. Avocado is also a a good source of folate. It wasn’t called the testicle fruit by the ancient Aztecs for no reason after all.

Better erections
All men would like longer, better erections. That’s why men who don’t need Viagra and similar medications take it  because they think that it’ll give them better erections. But why choose to take a drug that can bring about many side effects when eating fish and other foods rich in omega-3 and L-Arginine can be just as helpful in improving your erections. Dark chocolate is yet another delectable food item that is rich in L-Arginine.

How does L-Arginine fit into the entire better erection thing? It acts pretty much like Viagra. It increases nitric oxide levels in the system, allowing penile blood vessels to relax and allow more blood to flow to the penis, thus creating a better erection.

The next time you feel like popping some of those little blue pills to do good in bed, stop. Instead, make grocery rounds and find some oysters or avocados. It may be hard to believe, but who would’ve thought that everyday food items like fish and vegetables can help improve a man’s sexual health and performance?

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